Mains courses

Our main courses

Meat, fish and local specialities

Raw minced beef

traditionally prepared. With accompaniments 21.00 €

Beef hamburger

with raclette cheese, oignons, french fries and salad 20.00 €

Beef hamburger with foie gras

duck meat and oignons fondue, french fries and salad 23.00 €


with winter vegetables, pork, duck and sausage 23.00 €

Linguine with fresh scallops

with saffron sauce 18.00 €

Home made special mushrooms omelette

17.00 €

Just cook Thuna

lemon and basilic sauce and baby vegetables 23.00 €

Duck breast

pommes et foie gras poelé sur un feuilleté 23.00 €

Roast filet of veal

rosmarin and vegetables 24.00 €

Spinach and baby vegetables lasagnes

17.00 €