Mains courses

Our main courses

Meat, fish and local specialities

Raw minced beef

traditionally prepared. With accompaniments 21.00 €

Beef hamburger

with raclette cheese, oignons, french fries and salad 18.00 €

Beef hamburger with foie gras

and oignons fondue, french fries and salad 21.00 €

Grilled beef

chop at Frejus village thym 25.00 €


with winter vegetables, pork, duck and sausage 22.00 €

Pork jarret braised at beer and honey

22.00 €

Chicken skewer

at ginger and lemon confit 20.00 €

Pasta bolognaise

with vegetable and fresh basilic 18.00 €

Home made special omelet at herbs

18.00 €

The chef's daily suggestion

21.00 €