The restaurant

The bivouac de la Casse

In Serre Chevalier

On restaurant, the new chef Laurent, proposes a gourmet cuisine made from unique and flavourful local and other countries foods
This winter a new paroramical terrace open on snowpark with a view as far as italian side !

Filet De Boeuf En Croute

Our daily suggestions

Come come come !!!


Our offers

Assorted cold cuts of alpine meat

served with antipasti 16.00 €

Marinated salmon and his blinis

16.00 €

Cream of pumpkin

with apple and spices bread 14.00 €

Oignon gratinée soup

with mountain cheese 16.00 €

Salad of the Casse du Boeuf

Salad, tourtons, ravioles, ham, cheese & honey. 18.00 €

Our main courses

Meat, fish and local specialities

Grilled beef

chop at Frejus village thym 25.00 €


with winter vegetables, pork, duck and sausage 22.00 €

Pork jarret braised at beer and honey

22.00 €

Raw minced beef

traditionally prepared. With accompaniments 21.00 €

Beef hamburger

with raclette cheese, oignons, french fries and salad 18.00 €

Beef hamburger with foie gras

and oignons fondue, french fries and salad 21.00 €

Chicken skewer

at ginger and lemon confit 20.00 €

Pasta bolognaise

with vegetable and fresh basilic 18.00 €

Home made special omelet at herbs

18.00 €

The chef's daily suggestion

21.00 €

Our main courses

Fish specialities

Pasta al salmon and aneth

18.00 €

Smoked salmon tartiflette

served with a mixed salad 20.00 €

Our main courses

Other local specialities

Very special oven melted cheese

in a wooden box served with salad, charcuterie and steamed potatoes 22.00 €

Fondue Champignons (mini 2pers.)

wild mushrooms fondue served with season salad with walnuts, charcuterie and steamed potatoes. Price per person 25.00 €

Fondue Transalpine (mini 2pers.)

Three cheeses and genepi fondue served with season salad with walnuts, charcuterie and steamed potatoes. Price per person 22.00 €


Our cheese and sweets

Fresh fruit salad

7.50 €

Apple and graps Feuilleté

7.50 €

Gourmand coffee

with an assortment of bite size sweets 9.50 €

Local cheese platter

with mesclun salad and hazelnut dressing 8.50 €

White cheese from Alpes

6.50 €

Home made Tatin Pie

with bourbon vanilla ice cream 7.50 €

Cream puffs

with homemade chocolate sauce 8.50 €

Warm red berries soup

with Himalayan spices 8.50 €

Chocolate and ganache cake

with crème anglaise 7.50 €

Lemon pie meringuée

7.50 €